MY STORY from Jamie Simond

MY STRY from Jamie Simond

Jamie Simond
Music Experience
1959 1/2 E 73rd St Chicago IL 60649 US

In 1998, Jamie was a member of one of the hottest male groups in Chicago, Nuwave. They released their debut album “So Grateful” with an independent label. In 1999 that project gained them a Stellar Award nomination for best new artist. In 2004 Nuwave changed their name to Fortitude and released the hit single “He’s Alright”, placing Jamie on the map as a producer, and song writer. Now a successful solo artist, along with the Gold Street Gospel label, Jamie released the single, “Like This” in 2010. The song, written by Jamie has shaken the very hearts of listeners everywhere. You will not only find his voice on his own upcoming project, Collage, but also lending his expertise on the vocal production of such projects as Dorinda Clark Cole, and Asaph Ward. He continues to be sought out by so many venues and artist around the globe. His travel has placed him performing in Amsterdam, Germany and various countries over seas. Jamie currently serves as the praise and worship leader for the Lilydale Progressive Church of Chicago after a long stint as Praise and Worship leader at Salem Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor and Senator James T. Meeks.

Jamie attributes his accomplishments to the total grace of God. When asked what life would look like for him if he were not doing music, he so adamantly remarked, “I would to this very day still be trying to find out what I should be doing”. Jamie is so entrenched into and apart of music that he could not imagine himself doing anything else. Music is his life’s blood.

The call on his life is motivated by his heart for people and the human condition. Although multifaceted, the music Jamie produces speaks in a way that causes men and women to look to the lord for hope and strength. Lyrically speaking, whatever the rhyme or reason of the song, its sole purpose is to inspire you to follow after God. As stated by Jamie, “getting people into the presence of God is extremely important”. The driving force behind his music impacts people to serve, honor and worship God. Because his music and his message have no particular target audience, his message speaks to all levels. To the young he says - “get to know the man who sacrificed everything for you.” To the old- “continue in the faith.” And to all those in between, “totally depend on God”.

Jamie’s style is inspirational, innovative and worshipful. Though a multi-talented singer, writer, arranger and producer, his style does not necessarily follow any music guidelines, IT just is! His creative genius is too big to be boxed, too gracious to miss the message and too complex to try to duplicate. To hear Jamie sing and to peruse his lyrical content is to partake of the sum total of all his life’s experiences. When listening to this refreshing, cutting edge crooner, you will hear imprints of his lifelong, favorite, musical inspirations and influences: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Darryl Coley and Reverend James Moore.

His professional career began under the direction of Walt Whitman as a member of the Soul Children of Chicago. “Use Me”, a soul children classic led by young Jamie, was often played on the radio then and more so now than ever. Soul Children of Chicago not only helped train and groom Jamie’s musical talents, it also allowed him to travel the world and perform with a plethora of great artists of all musical genres: Stevie Wonder, Michael Crawford, Neil Diamond, Gladys Knight, New Kids on the Block, Shirley Caesar, Fred Hammond, and Marvin Sapp. He has extensively toured with Michael Crawford on the “Phantom of the Opera Tour”, and on Kim Burrell’s “Tour of London”. One of the most indelible marks for Jamie’s career was singing at the White House under two administrations.