For those of you interested in making changes in YOU in 2015... encouraged.

You don't have to change everything that's wrong with you this year. With most things, it didn't take a year to get in there, so it will take more than a year to get out... consistent, and keep your heart pure, you don't have to achieve everything in one fell swoop.

Take your time.

Work at it.

Chip away until you get where you're trying to get. If you fall short (and you will) get up, dust off, and keep fighting.

You WILL get there!!

Don't be discouraged when you deviate from the plan you put on paper for your resolution, just keep after it.



Jamie Simond  June 2015

You have heard this ALL before. But don’t let your circumstances dictate your current status of well being… mentally, emotionally or physically.

Be content and happy in the fact that The Lord has a plan! Part of what’s hard about serving the invisible God, is He doesn’t always show you His hand… Most times you don’t know how He’s gonna move…

But rest in this…
Even though you don’t know HOW He’s gonna move…

He always does. He Loves You. Keep your eyes on Him.

Jamie Simond July 2015

A WORD  from Jamie Simond